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God Dreams and Missions have God Strategies. God Strategies in the Spirit never make sense in the Natural. God’s ways are not our ways. As the preaching of the cross is to them who perish foolishness, the Strategies in the Spirit are to them in the natural foolishness.

In the Natural World of Dream Achieving, tested strategies are wise. What are the best doing to succeed? How are they doing it? Can I improve it or tweak it better? Strategy in natural dreams is crucial for success. Your reputation is at stake.

In God Dreams and Missions, God’s Purposes are at stake. His dreams always demand faith. His dreams always demand His Glory. His dreams always demand Him. So, His dreams in us always are purposely and naturally impossible. Their impossibility always demands faith, Him and His glory. Any dream that does not demand these three is our dream.

So, in accomplishing God’s Dreams, His Dreams come with His Dream Strategies. There is the marching around Jericho with strict instructions for 7 days. There is the ‘Goliath the Giant’ confrontation with a ‘Shepherd Boy and His Slingshot.’ There are 300 men with lamps and ram’s horns surrounding a sleeping army of over 100,000 in the middle of the night. The stories are endless. Each story totally demanded faith, God and His Glory.

Your God Dream Missions demand God’s Strategies also. Whatever the Divine Vision, God has a Specific Strategy that will Provide the Provision for the Vision. If you miss or ignore His Vision Strategy, you will lack His Provision Supply. Be sensitive to His Dream Strategies for you. He is the Specialist of Strategies. He has a Strategy for His Dream through you. Discover It. Delight in It. Do It. Spoken Strategies are Spoken Word and Always Rule!!

Keep Daring to Dream

Danny/the Inn Keeper

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Page posted: August 4, 2019 6:47 am

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